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The word on the street.

Janusz Tomko Photo

“I have valued helping athletes achieve their true potential within the sport of track and field for over 30 years. I’ve coached top athletes across Canada and helped them achieve success at national and international competitive levels. My team at Supreme Athletics can help athletes excel within their sport!”

Janusz Tomko

Supreme Athletics

Mo Ali Heydarpour Photo

“I enjoyed playing football professionally. Once I became injured, I found a passion in coaching and working with different players on their technical ability. I have coached some of the most talented athletes around the world! Come train with me at Moalifc Academy!”

Mo Ali Heydarpour

Moalifc Academy

Taveena Kum Photo

“Boxing has taught me a lot in my life and has allowed me the opportunity to learn various skills as an amateur fighter who has a passion for boxing. My experience has led me to be the 2015 Female Athlete of the Year and now I’m a coach giving back to the community. Come learn some new skills and get fit with me!”

Taveena Kum

Fierce N Fit Fitness